Somatic Transformation

Somatic Transformation (S-T) is a powerful new approach to dealing with trauma that has resulted from accidents, (including falls), medical procedures, violence or assault, as well as natural disasters.  The effects of trauma lead to acute and chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

S-T is a transformative therapy that will allow you to manage and control the very difficult feelings that arise from traumatic experiences.

In S-T we use the powerful clues of the body that arise in the moment of our psychotherapy sessions.  These clues may be emotions, sensations, spontaneous gestures or images.  As we work with these clues, the brain learns new pathways to change and regulate the emotional trauma.  This reduces stress and anxiety.

There is no need to re-live or re-experience the trauma.  This is a gentle process.  By following the body’s clues, we can regulate the complex emotional trauma that began in early years and emerged later in life.  For more immediate trauma, such as accidents or assault, S-T can gently reorganize the nervous system and provide deep healing.

An integration of traditions of psychotherapy and ancient wisdom of healing, S-T seeks to restore to traumatized individuals the aliveness of being in the body, with a deep sense of resilience, calm and meaning.

This process was developed by Dr. Sharon Stanley and grew out of her work with Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing.   It is a relatively new approach and I am privileged to be working and training directly with Dr. Stanley.

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