Contact Dr. Corrinne Allyson, Victoria Therapy

Dr. Corrinne Allyson

Phone: 250-686-9601

Private and discreet, my home office is in a beautiful, rural setting only 4 minutes from UVic and only 20 minutes from downtown Victoria!

I am located at 2895 Tudor Avenue, a small blue cottage unique in the area. (see map below)

Our initial session fee is $200 (+GST). For ongoing therapy the fee is $130 (+GST) per 50-minute session. A sliding scale is available in some cases.

Fees are not covered by BC Medical Services Plan but may be covered as part of some extended health plans. If you live in Victoria, BC and cannot afford psychotherapy or counselling, please contact the Citizens’ Counselling Centre 250-384-9934

All correspondence and communication with a registered counsellor is privileged and confidential.