What people say about Corrinne…

“I feel very fortunate to have had Corrinne’s guidance in my life. She is wise, nurturing, and completely in the moment. I can look back and say that meeting her was a definite turning point in my life. There is not a day that goes by when I do not feel gratitude for having met Corrinne and for our sessions together. ”
R.P. Actor, Writer

“After a session with Corrinne I feel enriched, validated and appreciated.”
O.P. Professor

“It’s like Corrinne’s heart has ears!”
A.K. Casting Director
Reiki Master

“Corrinne has an amazing ability to get to the heart of the matter. She is not afraid to share her personal story and speak her own truth; and by doing so, I’ve experienced the truth of my own heart.”
S.F. Writer

“Corrinne is completely committed in her own spiritual search, in a way that is both passionate and rational. She is accurate and well informed but not afraid to say when she doesn’t know something. She has a great capacity for making subtle esoteric concepts and theories very understandable by personalizing them into heartfelt reflections of her own experience.”
O.P. Professor

“Sessions with Corrinne led me to new places of understanding about my life’s journey. At the age of 48, I assumed that I could figure it out myself and that there was nothing of benefit to consulting a psychotherapist. Corrinne, through her knowledge, insight, and compassionate approach, allowed me to see myself and my relationships in a new light. ”
C.B. Teacher

“When Corrinne speaks, she addresses the heart of the speaker, not just the words. I feel like she really hears and understands what I am saying. This allows me to develop trust and to open up more of myself. Corrinne reframes and tries to see the essence of what I am trying to communicate. She is not afraid of self disclosure and contributes her own experiences which helps bring clarity to my own process.”
OP Professor

“Dr. Allyson helped me overcome deep trauma and led me back to who I truly am. The guidance and care that she gave me has been priceless. I always felt safe working with Corrinne and could not recommend anyone any higher.”
M.M. singer/songwriter

“For me, Corrinne embodies a deep compassion for the human journey, offering depth and direction. I feel grateful for her being a wise and supportive companion on my journey.”

Corrinne is a person of integrity who is dedicated to working on her own growth and to helping others find their own special ways to inner peace and harmony.
M.M. Zen Priest

“When I met Corrinne, I was stuck, bewildered and trapped by unconscious blocks to being alive. It was through her mentorship and support that I actively began my own personal journey towards consciousness. She is a wise, experienced and intuitive elder.”
G.M. Psychotherapist

“I blamed the dysfunctional aspect of relationships on others. With compassion, Corrinne guided me to accept my own personal responsibilities in those relationships. It is a joy to share with her, since she seems to ‘feel my pain’. Her professional and spiritual training allows her to see the whole picture. I appreciate the positive changes she has helped me to implement in my life.”
C.B. Teacher

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