Therapeutic Approaches

During the past 25 years as a psychotherapist, counsellor and educator I have continually upgraded my training with professional development, workshops and certifications.  My approach today is a distillation of this training and experience and is inspired by three main approaches:

Somatic Transformation

This is a relatively new approach to the treatment of complex trauma resulting from accidents, assault or early childhood experiences.  I resonate deeply with this approach because it integrates much of my own experience with body-centered therapies, mindfulness and indigenous wisdom.  It is a practice grounded in current understandings of how the brain works.  This builds on my own doctoral work where I studied neuropsychological process of language, cognition and learning.

Mindfulness Based Therapies

There are many therapeutic approaches today that are using the principles of mindfulness (e.g. Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy).  As someone who has had a committed meditation practice since 1980, I can attest to the power of mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress.  I integrate mindfulness approaches into my practice where they are useful and appropriate for clients.

Jungian Psychotherapy

Traditional psychology follows the medical model where problems are diagnosed and treatment is often a technique designed to change behavior.  In other words, standard psychological methods tend to approach therapy from the “outside-in”.

Jungian therapy works from the “inside-out”.  The issues causing upheaval in your life actually contain the seeds of the solutions you are seeking.  The Jungian approach includes dream work, active imagination and the recognition that your search for meaning can be satisfied and your heart’s longing for self actualization can be fulfilled.

I have been an active student of dreams since 1987.  I have worked with many hundreds of dreams, both my own and those of clients.  I have given many courses, lectures and workshops on how to relate to the inner world of dreams and to access the healing power of the psyche through dreams.

Even if you don’t remember your dreams,  a Jungian based approach will help you actualize your creativity, provide a greater sense of meaning, and allow you to respond more productively to your life. Contact me today in my downtown Victoria office to discuss how I can help.


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