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Free Evening Lecture on Dreams

with Dr. Corrinne Allyson

FREE evening lecture at Royal Roads University

Thursday, Feb 7th
7pm – 9pm

Have you ever wondered about what your dreams mean?  Are you interested in learning more about how to work with your dreams?

Dreams can be better than the movies and more real than virtual reality.   They can be more frightening than a Stephen King movie, more fanciful than a Walt Disney movie and yes, even more sexy than an X-rated one.  What are dreams?  Why do we dream?

Our innermost being communicates with us through the symbols and metaphor of the dream world.  They can give us new insights into our basic identity, values and personal needs.  Dreams can help us better understand ourselves and provide road maps to take us in new directions.  They can also clarify our relationship issues, our professional conflicts and guide us to transpersonal insights of ourselves as part of the greater Whole.

I invite you to join me for a free evening lecture at Royal Roads University. 

Call Royal Roads at 250-391-2600  ext. 4801 to reserve your place.


Mindfulness in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Why are so many current psychological approaches and practices focused on mindfulness?  Why would one want to become mindful?  The simple answer is that practicing being mindful leads to awareness of and freedom from mental conditioning.

‘Mindfulness’ is the translation of a term from Buddhism (although one definitely does NOT have to be a Buddhist to practice mindfulness).  Essentially, mindfulness means awareness.  It is an awareness of present experience that is sensitive, accepting and independent of any thoughts that may be arising.  It is a way of paying attention to what is happening with kind of a ‘witness’ consciousness, a dual awareness, so to speak.  With awareness we can experience our feelings, thoughts and sensations without becoming caught in them.

Usually we are kind of on automatic pilot.  Our experiences pass by with our reality dominated by an unbroken stream of internal comment.  We go through life in a reactive mode, responding to life from habitual patterns.

And it’s a funny thing about Life… it never seems to turn out the way we plan.  No matter how much we prepare, organize, coordinate and arrange, something often happens to throw a monkey wrench into our plans. Read more…


A Poem

Empty handed I entered this world

Barefoot I leave it.

My coming, my going

Two simple happenings that got entangled.

Kozan Ichikyo

died Feb 12 1360

age 77


Victoria, BC
October 24, 2012


Putting Feelings into Words

A client recently shared with me an experience of pain and trauma that she had kept to herself for two years.  Understandably, there was emotion that came to the surface.  She had not allowed herself to think about the incident, nor cry about it.  She was trying to just “let it go”.

The body does not simply “let go” of traumatic experiences.  There is a process before the letting go that involves some pretty hard work.  A recent study using neuroimaging gives us a clue as to why this might be. Read more…


Grieving the Loss of a Pet

For many people it may be difficult to understand how the loss of a beloved pet can trigger a deep grief process.   When we lose a family member or a close friend, our loss is usually met with sympathy and condolences. We are allowed to grieve.  But, talk to a pet owner who has lost an animal companion and you will hear quite a different story.

I know from clients in my therapy practice, as well as from my own personal experience, that many people do not understand the depth of grief at the loss of a pet.

The relationship with pets is multidimensional.  When a pet dies we lose a being that offers unconditional love in an uncomplicated and accepting way that few human relationships achieve. Read more…