Victoria BC Therapy Blog

Essence of Rose


the feelings left behind
as you struggled to survive.

As rose petals 
fallen from a branch of thorns,
distill the painful memories
to their essence.

Let the fragrance of Truth
in its purity
free you from yourself.

Victoria, BC
Aug. 2, 2012


On Willingness

by Rev. Master Chosei Swann
Shasta Abbey, Mt. Shasta CA – USA

If I were asked to say in brief what is uppermost in my mind on the subject of the spiritual path, it would perhaps run as follows.

Believe and try. Let us all together go patiently all the way to the very heart of the matter. Let us not be distracted or delayed, or waste time in frustration over what seems to distract or delay us. Let us not draw a line, saying, “This is far enough for me.” If we do this, we shall be like those fish in shallow water, suffocating slowly in the insufficiency we have somehow chosen for a refuge. Whenever we cling to expectations of health or self improvement or a a partial cleaning up of our life-habits, we briefly experience relief. And then we slowly but surely suffocate in the incompleteness of our aspirations. Read more…



It’s a curious human condition that no matter how much we receive it never seems to be enough.  Only this week I’ve heard laments from friends and clients feeling discouraged because what they want to happen might not happen.  Worse, they’re terrified that what they don’t want to happen, might!

One guy got a cheque from a client for $10,000…which, he was quick to point out, would only cover the bills for a couple months. Another guy, who lives in a gorgeous home, has two cars, a loving relationship and good health, is worried his business isn’t going to make it.  I know I should be grateful, he told me, but… Read more…


Learn how to heal grief…

As a follow up to my previous post on grief counselling, I’d like to let you know that Stephen Jenkinson is speaking in Victoria BC June 1-2 at Royal Roads University.

Stephen Jenkinson is the subject of Griefwalker, a NFB feature documentary film.  The film is a lyrical, poetic portrait of Stephen’s work with dying people. Griefwalker shows Stephen teaching the redemptive power of deep love for life, when life glimpses its end and how he is revolutionizing grief and dying in North America. Read more…


A Tip from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Worry or Anxiety

A student in the tradition of Kabbalah complained to his teacher that he could not pray with pure devotion because of improper thoughts that were intruding during his prayer. His teacher referred him to Rabbi Wolf of Zhitomir for help with this. On arriving in Zhitomir, the man sought out Rabbi Wolf’s house and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. After repeatedly knocking on the front door, rear door, and shutters, the man concluded that Rabbi Wolf was not at home. He sat in the doorway to wait for him and fell asleep.

Hours later, Rabbi Wolf opened the door and invited him into the house. “Have you learned anything yet, young man?” Rabbi Wolf asked. The man shook his head in bewilderment. “You knocked incessantly on my doors and shutters seeking entrance. But since I am master of my house, I chose to refuse you entrance. You can be master of your mind. If you are determined to keep some thoughts out of your mind, you can do so. You can refuse them entrance, regardless of how much they try to intrude.” Read more…